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Select Stone Veneer

  • Continental Select Stone is an economical, modular Cast Stone veneer product that significantly exceeds the standards set forth for manufactured masonry units, while meeting the physical properties established by ASTM for Architectural Cast Stone, at greatly reduced cost.
  • It is made from the same high quality architectural aggregates, such as limestone, marble and quartz that Continental Cast Stone has been using for decades to manufacture its renowned ornamental products from coast-to-coast.
  • The finish of Select Stone is fine grained, similar to a good grade of limestone with a dense texture and rock-hard edges.  All units are steam cured for long term durability.
  • It is suitable for use within a composite or load bearing wall system using conventional masonry, steel stud, wood stud, concrete, or structural steel backup.  The traditional details used for anchoring of conventional Cast Stone can be almost universally applied to the modular units.  (Refer to Continental Cast Stone Technical Binder with Case Histories) 
  • Physical Properties of Continental Select are the same as established by ASTM C 1364 – Standard Specification for Architectural Cast Stone so that all units are suitable for use at or below grade, in non-vertical applications and in environments subjected to severe freeze-thaw weather conditions.
 ASTM Test MethodASTM Required ResultsContinental Select 
Compressive StrengthC1194> 6,500 psiEXCEEDSStandard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Architectural Cast Stone
Absorption, % 48 hrs.C1195< 6.0%EXCEEDSStandard Test Method for Absorption of Architectural Cast Stone
Freeze ThawC1364< 5.0%EXCEEDSStandard Specification for Architectural Cast Stone
Unit DensityC642None> 130 pcfStandard Test Method for Density, Absorption, and Voids in Hardened Concrete
  • Continental Select TM is available in our ten (10) most popular colors and custom colors are available upon request for large orders.
  • Technical Data
  • Use the same specification division 04720 for the entire project.  Continental Select TM meets Cast Stone Institute requirements.
  • Veneer units should be anchored in accordance with ASTM C1242 – Standard Guide for Selection, Design, and Installation of Exterior Dimension Stone Anchors and Anchoring Systems.  In many cases, smaller units (usually two square feet in size, or smaller) can be anchored in conjunction with the masonry veneer and cavity wall system using masonry ties.  Observe all applicable regulations and standards governing interfacing work.
  • We offer a 200 page Technical Binder with Case Histories and graphic anchoring standards.  Our 1,000 page website, has hundreds of CAD details that designers can use to drag-and-drop the stone details directly onto working architectural drawings.
  • For more technical information about jobsite handling and installation, hot and cold weather setting practices, flashing, weep holes, seismic considerations, cleaning procedures and much more, please visit our website.
  • Continental Select can be used for dimensional stone veneer applications to provide a total stone cladding system.  It can be used in combination with our regular custom pieces or choose from over 1,000 of our Designer Collection catalog sizes and profiles.
  • Veneer units, produced to a thickness of 3-5/8” can be combined with water tables, window surrounds, banding and coping to achieve the beauty and performance of dimensional stone at a fraction of the cost. 
  • Where profiles and custom work are included in the design, Continental Cast Stone provides shop drawings showing details and sizes of stones, anchoring and relationship to other wall materials.  Other design assistance is available upon request. 
  • For thousands of years, stone has been considered the prime material of choice for enduring architecture.  Today, it has become more affordable than ever before.