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Planning of Anchors for Ashlar, Band, Column and Pilaster Facings

Use of the proper type and the correct quantity of anchors to fit the design and size of the stone will help cut cost of both manufacturing and setting of the stone. Anchors projecting from the backs of stones often cause casting problems. Inserts are cast in the backs of stones instead of projecting bolts. Thin stones 2″ to 2 1/2″ thick, cast with pockets for strap anchors to lap and tie the stones back to the wall. Thin walls cause a casting problem and tend to fracture after stones are set.

Planning the proper anchor for simplicity when setting stones is an important time factor. Bolt anchors that are located in hard to reach areas, or using an anchor requiring two different trades for setting, may be simplified by using a different type anchor.

The cost of anchors can be reduced by selecting the proper anchor. Sometimes two anchors are shown where one can be used to do the same job. Various type anchors and how they are used may be found on all detailed pages.

Weight of Cast Stone is approximately 150 lbs per cubic foot.