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Cast Stone Details Guide

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On the following pages, details are shown using the standards in anchoring and jointing of Cast Stone. All profile dimensions shown are intended as examples and may be altered to suit your particular design.
The location and size of joints are important for both appearance and anchoring. The standard length for copings, bands and column facings is 4′-0″ or 5′-0″ nominally. Joints between stones are 1/4″ or 3/8″ wide across the face. Window sill joints are centered under mullions. Ashlar facing stones vary from 1′-0″ x 2′-0″ to 3′-0″ x 8′-0″. Maximum sizes for 2″, 3″ and 4″ thick ashlar should be followed.
The following details explain the different methods for anchoring the same stone to changing wall structures. Design considerations for metal stud wall system details are explained on special pages.
All details are drawn to scale and may be printed on your computer’s printer.
No anchors, dowels bolts, cramps, loose inserts, sleeves, miscellaneous supports, gaskets, loose metal reglets, sealers, sealants, steel angles, plates, tubes or columns are included in bids by Cast Stone manufacturers under Cast Stone Specification 04720. These items are furnished by the masonry contractor, general contractor or stone setter.
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