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Anchor Hooks, Lifting Hooks and Inserts

When the surrounding condition or the location of the anchor does not allow using the standard anchor slot or dowel hole the following may be used:

With cast stone, wire hooks may be cast in the stone and a strap or a bent rod may be tied to this for anchoring the stone.

Hooks are also cast in heavy stones for lifting. Where bolts are required for anchoring stone to steel, threading inserts are cast in the stone and tied with bolts to the steel frame. Mullions are fastened to the wall with clip angles as detailed. Sometimes thin stones (approximately 2″) are detailed with anchors that cannot be used. If pockets are provided for these anchors the remaining portion of the stone would be too thin and would fracture. With thin ashlar it is best to use dowels fitting a 1/2″ diameter hole or have wire hooks cast in the stone for tying anchors to the hook and back to the wall.